Well Services Labourer

Being a Well Services Labourer is a great place to start in the oil and gas industry. From the onset to the completion of a well, they assist with well service machinery while learning the ropes of the well services world.

What a typical day looks like:

A Well Services Labourer’s day depends on the role they serve in the crew. They could be a Cementing Helper helping operate high-pressure mixing and pumping systems, a Wireline Operator Trainee helping the Wireline Operator lower gadgets into a well, or a Fracturing Operator working on a crew that “fracs” the formation surrounding the well.

Whatever a Well Services Labourer does, they’re helping and learning with a lot of on-the-job training. They get an inside view on the workings of various well services, driving trucks with specialized equipment and sometimes operating it. Generally, a Well Services Labourer helps assemble equipment and tools, loads and unloads drill pipe, performs vehicle inspections and signals drivers during loading and unloading.

The kinds of problems Well Services Labourers solve at work:

No matter what position they’re in, a Well Services Laoburer deals with the challenges of a demanding workplace. They often work outdoors in remote locations in all weather conditions and may be called on to work rotating shifts with overtime.

Skills used most on the job:

The most important skills a Well Services Labourer can bring to the work site are the ability to learn and a solid work ethic. They’ll also need a strong mechanical background to select and maintain tools, and even visualize how they’re functioning when tools are out of sight.

When they’re promoted, Senior Well Services Labourers manage material and personnel while controlling operations. Because even though the day-to-day job is always changing, the goal never does: moving up in the well services world.

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