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Join Not your grandpa’s energy industry podcast hosts Lisa Stephenson and Tamara Gale for the second episode in a new 5-part series featuring energy workers as they share their Day in the Life stories. Get a glimpse into the diverse careers opportunities within Canada’s energy sector.  
This Day in the Life podcast episode welcomes Teresa Waddington, Vice President of Corporate Relations for LNG Canada. Teresa says her mission is “to turn my dad’s oilpatch into my daughter’s energy garden”, and her passion to influence the science, policy, technology, and people that are helping to create that energy garden. 
Teresa’s career journey from chemical engineer to her current role as VP of Corporate Relations is an excellent example of how dedication and determination can truly shape one’s career into anything they aspire it to be. Listen as Teresa shares her personal experiences and insights, including the skills she’s found critical to supporting her on her journey and why she encourages listeners to “get out there and make an impact”.  
Be sure to check out Teresa’s full Day in the Life story in our blog section and stay tuned for the remaining stories coming soon!  

The Careers in Energy podcast series, “Not your grandpa’s energy industry” is your source for knowledge about Canada’s energy industry, labour market, careers and more — with a modern twist.  

Join hosts, Lisa Stephenson and Tamara Gale, to explore today’s energy industry in Canada – what’s changing, what’s coming and how it’s no longer your grandpa’s energy industry. Listen to “Not your grandpa’s energy industry” wherever you enjoy your podcasts and watch more podcast highlights on

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