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  • Human Resources Analyst
  • NOC #1121

Human Resources Analyst

Job Overview

You’re all about people. As a human resources (HR) analyst, you collect, analyze and manage the data relating to your company’s people, labour issues and costs. HR has evolved from an administrative function to a strategic one that helps drive the business bottom line. This is because your analysis and information empowers managers and decision makers to create smart, adaptable workforce strategies that keep your company moving forward.

Duties include data management and analysis of information such as compensation trends, workforce demographics, pensions and benefits, turnover, training etc. These analysts are responsible for leading and coordinating projects and activities specifically related to the development and administration of an organization’s compensation programs as well as workforce planning and recruitment. In large companies the HR analyst is often responsible for collaborating and supporting the HR team on day-to-day responsibilities in addition to projects. These responsibilities are often related to recruiting, on-boarding/off-boarding, talent management and HR systems. The HR analyst assists in managing the process flow of all HR related forms and documents.

One of their primary responsibilities is to advise and make recommendations to management on compensation, information which is then incorporated into operations planning and strategies.

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