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  • Automated Systems Technician and Technologist
  • NOCs #22301, #22221

Automated Systems Technician and Technologist

Job Overview

Automated systems technicians and technologists integrate electrical, mechanical and instrumentation computer systems to control industrial processes. These systems often include mechanical components, sensors, actuators and control systems, and may also include robots. Automated systems technologists work with automation engineers and other engineering and technical professionals to plan, install and maintain these automated systems. Technicians in this group provide front-line installation and first-line technical support for these same systems.

As the energy industry seeks to increase efficiency, safety and environmental performance, automation is becoming increasingly important to monitor, measure and control equipment and operations.

Common automation used across the industry includes programmable logic controllers (PLC) which control manufacturing processes, remote terminal units (RTU) which are microprocessor controlled electronic devices, supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA), and distributed control systems (DCS) which are computerized control systems for a process or plant. Automation in drilling, driverless truck autonomous haulage systems (AHS) and remote sensing are becoming increasingly common as is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

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