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  • NOCs #22302, #22310

Instrumentation Engineering Technologist

Job Overview

In the intriguing world of electrical control and instrumentation systems, the instrumentation engineering technologist designs, adapts, installs, maintains and repairs these intricate systems. In the energy industry, electronic instruments communicate with well systems and equipment in refineries, upgraders and pipelines. Are you up for the challenge?

Instrumentation engineering technologists operate and maintain electrical and electronic equipment and systems. They may work with engineers and others to design, specify, size and select measurement and control systems. Instrumentation engineering technologists may also program and configure microprocessor-based measurement and control systems or oversee diagnostic programs and the installation of instrumentation systems.

Instrumentation engineering technologists coordinate with other trades or vendors involved with construction or ongoing maintenance activities. They work with pneumatic devices, control valves, electronic instruments, digital logic devices, computer-based process controls and control system design.

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