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Job Overview

You’re a scientist and a storyteller. Half the job is finding out where to drill and the other half is constructing a story to convince company leaders and investors to follow your reasoning. The geologist is at the front end of projects, figuring out where to drill, how and why. Geologists can come in many forms.

These geoscience professionals look at the structural and sedimentary aspects of the rock deep underground to identify possible oil and natural gas traps. They determine the origin, amount, maturity and movement of resources underground, as well as any obstacles that impede the movement of these resources. Geologists use a variety of techniques to discover this information, such as petro-physical analysis, geochemical analysis and seismic interpretation.

Geologists may specialize in fields such as coal geology, environmental geology, geochronology, hydrogeology, mineral deposits or mining, petroleum geology, stratigraphy, tectonics or volcanology. Petroleum geologists are responsible for the discovery and identification of oil and natural gas deposits. In addition to determining locations to drill, they envision, strategize, coordinate and execute drilling programs.

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