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  • Mineral Land Professional
  • NOC #1225

Mineral Land Professional

Job Overview

Before a company can begin drilling for oil or natural gas, it needs to own the right to access and sell the minerals or resources found under the ground. This could be different owners than those who own the surface land rights. In Canada, almost 90 per cent of these minerals are owned by the government, and the rest is owned by individuals or companies. You are the person on the front lines. You hunt down the mineral right owners to negotiate deals. You help your company access the resources. You connect your company to the reservoir.

The mineral land professional is an important part of an exploration and development team of professionals that includes engineers, geologists and geophysicists and is directly involved in the acquisition, management, and disposition of petroleum and natural gas mineral rights and related contracts. They contribute to the strategic planning phase of exploration and development, and are responsible for negotiating and documenting mineral land contracts in their designated geographical area. They also draft and analyze mineral land agreements, administer Crown sales and rental payments, and integrate acquisitions into the Land System databases.

Mineral land professionals work closely with a multi-disciplinary team as well as other land personal. They serve as the point of contact between the organization and industry partners and government regulators regarding mineral land ownership and related regulatory issues. This role requires the use of databases and various types of computer software.

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