• Environmental, Regulatory and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Joint Venture Representative
  • NOC #1225

Joint Venture Representative

Job Overview

You have an over-arching knowledge of how the industry works and the ability to promote collaboration. As a joint venture representative (JVR), you can serve as the glue that holds partnerships together. You are responsible for developing, negotiating and monitoring agreements between partners. To do this, you work closely with logistics, engineering, field operations, land management, accounting, auditing, marketing and legal counsel.

JVRs develop, negotiate and monitor the execution of formal agreements for operated and non-operated joint ventures. Joint ventures are partnerships where two or more companies work together. Companies form joint ventures for many reasons. These may be to share costs and risks, to leverage economies of scale, to access new technologies and customers, or to improve access to financial resources. JVRs integrate the requirements of disciplines such as engineering, field operations, land management, marketing, legal counsel, accounting and auditing to ensure the company’s best interests are served and the agreements can be executed successfully.

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