• Environmental, Regulatory and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Surface Land Professional
  • NOC #12102

Surface Land Professional

Job Overview

Accessing the land…It’s one small step in building a well or pipeline, and one giant leap for making oil and natural gas happen. Enter the surface land professional. You are the first point of contact with a land owner. You work with farmers, property owners and other parties to create agreements that allow your company to explore, drill or build in a particular area. Do you like meeting new people? Are you a negotiator? If so, consider becoming a surface land professional.

Surface land professionals participate in the planning of drilling, pipeline and facility projects, and perform a critical role in negotiating the acquisition of the surface rights access required to carry out drilling and production activities. The Surface land professional provides valuable insights into surface, community, environmental and regulatory issues. They serve as an ambassador for the company and industry, and represent the company’s interests when interacting with landowners, regulators and industry partners. They are typically the first point of contact between land owners and operators. Direct experience in Indigenous consultation may be required.

Surface land professionals manage financial transactions and ensure field activity reporting and information sharing complies with laws and regulations. They often spend a lot of time in the field negotiating with key stakeholders. Senior level positions tend to work more in an office environment overseeing professionals working in the field. This role requires use of databases and various types of computer software.

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