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Change Management Specialist

Job Overview

You can’t make progress without change. Those new processes and ideas can make people uncomfortable though, so change management specialists develop plans to help the affected people in a company accept and embrace operational changes, new tools and new processes in a reasonable period of time.

A change management specialist oversees and supports the people side of change initiatives within an organization by applying change management practices, approaches, tools and techniques, to assist the company in achieving its desired business objectives. In the energy industry, many of the larger organizations employ change management specialists to provide assistance to multi-functional project teams to ensure employees impacted by the changes are provided with the necessary support they need.

Change management is a specialized area of business management that once was primarily a consultant role. The prevalence of change, including the challenges of rapid information technology change, has led to more change management specialists working permanently within companies as a support service to the business units or project teams they work with.

Change management specialists assess the company’s readiness for change, and the potential impact that the proposed change will have on the organization as well as the adoption and sustainment of change. They then develop strategies and plans, in alignment with the organization’s project management framework, to assist business units and project teams in achieving the desired business objectives. This role often bridges various functions within the organization such as Human Resources, Information Technology (IT) and Communications, in addition to the business area being impacted by the proposed change.

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