Communications Professional

NOC #11202

  • Environment Primarily indoor/office work
  • Education Post-secondary degree
  • Average salary $74,000 to $158,000

Career profile

Communications professionals develop communications, community relations and internal change management strategies to help their organizations tell their stories to employees, media, governments, regulators, investors, and community members. They write, coordinate and produce a variety of communications products and services including promotional, online and printed materials, newsletters and news releases. They maintain social media accounts and prepare internal communications.

Communications professionals ensure organizational branding guidelines are followed and that communications schedules are met. They undertake research to inform strategies such as developing and implementing surveys, and establishing focus groups. They may also provide issues management, event coordination, and media monitoring/media relations assistance in support of projects and the needs of the organization.

This role is typically part of a larger communications or public relations team. Communications professionals may interact with personnel from many departments such as business operations, marketing, public relations, community investment, stakeholder engagement and investor relations. They may also be responsible for communication with external stakeholders such as the public or media. Communications professionals may also play a role in emergency and crisis situations.

Exploration and production, Offshore, Oil and gas services, Pipelines, Oil sands, Carbon capture, utilization and storage, Emissions reduction, Well site decommissioning, Engineering, design and procurement, Construction, Geothermal, Solar, Wind

When you start in this occupation activities may include:

  • Preparing written materials including business communications, internal communications, marketing communications, reports and presentation materials
  • Reviewing and editing documents to adhere to brand management details
  • Writing issue notes and creating key messages related to current events, as well as change management, community relations and other internal and external issues and initiatives
  • Participating in web design and/or social media programs
  • Maintaining social media accounts using various content management softwares

As you advance in this career, you may take on additional tasks including:

  • Liaising with internal departments to ensure that the communication methods are fulfilling organizational requirements
  • Monitoring media coverage, current affairs, public and stakeholder opinions and issues that could impact an organization and its ability to operate
  • Collecting and providing key information regarding issues to assist in high-level strategic planning
  • Assisting in resolving issues via media relations
  • Identifying and measuring against key performance indicators
  • Understanding graphic design principles, video and photo editing software and web development applications and content management systems


  • A post-secondary diploma or degree in communications or other related disciplines, such as public relations, journalism or marketing, is typically required.


  • The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) awards the professional designation Communication Management Professional
  • The Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) awards the Accredited in Public Relations (APR) designation. It is obtained through submission of a work sample, written exam (essay and short answer) and oral exam by a professional panel.

Additional Requirements

  • Health and safety courses may be relevant depending on site visits

  • Travel likely required
  • Primarily indoor/office work
  • Work not physically demanding

Creativity, intuition and solid interpersonal communication skills will help you deliver informative and captivating stories.

  • Communications and media knowledge
  • English language
  • Writing
  • Computer use
  • Reading
  • Working with others
  • Attention to detail
  • Critical thinking
  • Planning and organizing
  • Active listening
  • Stress tolerance
  • Speaking