• Environmental, Regulatory and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Communications Professional
  • NOC #1123

Communications Professional

Job Overview

You’re the messenger and storyteller of the energy industry. Communications professionals help their organizations tell stories to employees, media, governments, regulators, investors, community members and stakeholders of all kinds. These are your “audiences” and your company is often the main actor on the economic, environmental, social and sometimes political stage.

Communications professionals implement and contribute to the development of communications, community relations and internal change management strategies. They write, coordinate and produce a variety of communications products and services including promotional, online and printed materials, newsletters and news releases. They maintain social media accounts and prepare internal communications. This role ensures organizational branding guidelines are followed (within the context of materials they prepare) and that communication schedules are met. Communications professionals undertake research to inform strategies (e.g., developing and implementing surveys, supporting the execution of focus groups). They may also provide issues management, event coordination, and media monitoring/media relations assistance in support of projects and the needs of the organization.

This role is typically part of a larger communications or public relations team. They may interact with personnel from many departments such as business operations, marketing, public relations, community investment, stakeholder engagement and investor relations. They may also be responsible for communication with external stakeholders such as the public or media. Communications professionals may also play a role in emergency and crisis situations.

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