The energy industry’s focus on a low-carbon future is opening doors for people with transferable skills that will be in high demand. Now, an innovative program that harnesses the experience of senior leaders is helping prepare up-and-coming professionals answer the door when opportunity knocks.

Careers in Energy (CIE) and Higher Landing have teamed up to offer the Canadian Clean Energy Shuttle Program (CCES) that empowers new energy workers and veterans alike to reimagine themselves in the new energy landscape. This program is Canada’s first clean energy career management program designed to help professionals evolve their careers in the clean energy sector.

No cost to participants

Fully funded by the Government of Canada, CCES is free to participants but is only offered for a limited time with new cohorts every month until the end of 2023. In particular, it seeks to attract candidates who are underrepresented in the energy industry, including new Canadians, youth, Indigenous Peoples, and women. 

Higher Landing has helped 6,000 people “land higher” on their career paths by offering programs for professionals looking to enter the industry or make a career change into cleantech. Company President Jackie Rafter says the CCES program helps Canadians understand the opportunities and evolve into sustainable jobs in the clean energy sector.

The CCES program is designed to help align Canada’s workforce with the economic opportunities ahead of us. There will be significant opportunities for Canadian professionals who set themselves up to take advantage of the jobs being created.

Jackie Rafter, President, Higher Landing

Enter the Grizzly Den

Over 90 days, participants build their personal brand while learning about trends and opportunities in the clean energy sector. The program culminates when they pitch themselves in what Higher Landing calls the “Grizzly Den” to a panel of North American business leaders—aka the Grizzlies.

The Grizzly Den is modelled after the popular TV show, Dragon’s Den. Using an interview format, participants present themselves to the Grizzlies who then determine if they’re market-ready. If they are, the participants successfully complete the program and receive “Grizzly Certification.”

The Grizzly Den offers participants the chance to hone their brand while garnering valuable feedback and suggestions from industry professionals, and sometimes even job offers. Participants leave the Grizzly Den with the confidence, knowledge and guidance they need to shift to their new roles and continue to grow Canada’s clean energy sector.

Now is the time for workers to start reshaping their skills and careers to keep up with the changes and incoming demand for talent in the clean energy sector. Are you interested in opening the door to opportunity and joining the future energy workforce? Then enroll in the Canadian Clean Energy Shuttle Program today!

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