Just like cubs, some workers need to be shown the way to successfully navigate their career path.

The survival of Canada’s energy sector in today’s economy hinges on an available supply of skilled employees, but for this to happen, seasoned leaders must step forward to mentor a new generation of workers. Cue a new program that’s calling on mama (and papa) Grizzlies to help up-and-coming energy workers thrive in a fast-evolving workplace.

Higher Landing and Careers in Energy (CIE) have partnered to take the lead in shaping Canada’s energy workforce with the Canadian Clean Energy Shuttle Program (CCES). The innovative program is inviting forward-thinking leaders to join the “Grizzly Den,” where their invaluable experience, knowledge and expertise have the power to shape a bright and sustainable future.

Welcome to the Grizzly Den

Like television’s Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank, the Grizzly Den is where Higher Landing clients pitch themselves to a panel of business leaders – a.k.a. the Grizzlies – who provide frank feedback, practical suggestions, and valuable leads to help rising stars advance their careers.

“Grizzlies not only help CCES participants but Canada’s energy industry as a whole” says Lisa Stephenson, Director of Careers in Energy, and a former Grizzly. “Employers understand the skills needed within the industry the best, and the Grizzly Den is a business leader’s opportunity to strengthen the incoming workforce.”

It’s well known that clean energy, along with the traditional oil and gas industry, is struggling to attract skilled employees, which is leading to a worker shortage. One solution to this problem is to adapt the workforce and their skills to the clean energy industry through programs like CCES that are supported by experienced energy leaders.

One-of-a-kind program

Fully funded by the Government of Canada, CCES is the first clean energy career management program that empowers professionals to take control and find purpose-driven careers within the clean energy industry. Over 90 days, participants build their personal brand while learning about trends and opportunities in the clean energy sector.

The program culminates with the job seekers entering the Grizzly Den and using what they learned to pitch themselves to the panel of Grizzlies. The business leaders challenge the candidates, ask pointed questions, offer feedback, and provide helpful suggestions.

Grizzlies aren’t just participants but rather catalysts for change. Their wealth of expertise fosters a dynamic exchange that not only benefits the broader industry but also their own companies as they identify and nurture top-tier talent.

The feedback, wisdom and guidance provided by Grizzlies is crucial not only for the program but for also CCES participants. It gives them the confidence and edge to move forward and “land higher” in the clean energy sector as an integral part of Canada’s economic future. Higher Landing President Jackie Rafter says for many Grizzlies, that’s what it is all about.

We need to help energy companies find talent as much as we need to help talent find energy companies. That’s a major reason many senior leaders have volunteered to be Grizzlies – they want to help build the future of the Canadian economy.

Jackie Rafter, President, Higher Landing

Why answer the call?

The brief time that senior leaders invest in the CCES can generate ongoing returns. The Grizzly Den experience lasts just one day, but the dividends it yields ripple through Canada’s energy sector for time to come.

And besides mentoring a new generation of energy workers and attracting employees to the energy sector, becoming a Grizzly allows leaders to connect with other professionals, find new talent for their organizations, and build their companies’ brands.

Interested in embracing your inner bear to shape the future of Canada’s energy workforce together? Sign up today and become a Grizzly.

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