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Energy Trader (North America)

Job Overview

You help a company convert energy production into profit. You bring the company’s products to a fast-paced market. You sell. You negotiate. You buy. You trade. Do you like a fast-paced life-style? Can you think on your feet? Can you make split-second decisions? If You may want to invest in a career as an energy trader.

Energy traders buy and sell both physical and/or financial energy products to optimize a company’s financial returns. They review and analyze energy markets to understand current supply and demand, logistics, and quality differential trends and combine it with factors such as weather and political environment to manage storage volumes and identify opportunities to take advantage of market prices. They also provide hedging strategies and execute a strategy for production working with company energy marketing departments.

Energy traders must keep an eye on multiple factors and be able to quickly make decisions to take advantage of an opportunity to get the best price and making a profit for their company. Traders analyze data to identify trends, gaps and or logistical shorts in the market.

They interact with internal and external clients, other colleagues on trading teams and/or commodity vendors. Energy traders use computer software programs and other analytical tools, such as meteorological data, to help determine which way energy prices might be headed.

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